IPOH: The Gurdwara at Tanjung Tualang Sikh Settlement has become the refuge for 75 residents following the worse floods to hit the community since 1990.

The Sikh temple was also not spared from floodwaters after days of torrential rain, which badly damaged nearby homes.

Temple secretary Ranjit Singh, who was among those who sought refuge at the Gurdwara, said his hopes for the rain to subside were dashed as the weather worsened.

Residents from 25 homes came to the temple on Wednesday to find the ground floor flooded, he said.

Ranjit said the kitchen area, which was on higher ground, was turned into their temporary shelter.

“Right now, we are okay, but if the floodwaters reach the kitchen area we will have to move to an evacuation centre,” he told The Star yesterday.