Gopeng is increasingly becoming popular as a hiking and adventure destination with many natural or man-made recreational spots. Gaharu Tea Valley is one such place where people can unwind and relax in a peaceful environment surrounded by nature.

Gaharu which is Agarwood and also called Eaglewood, Aloeswood, ChenXiang, Jin-koh or Oud is extensively planted here with about 200,000 trees occupying an area of 300 acres surrounded by hills and forest.


A Japanese Agarwood researcher had spent years studying the pollination of this tree specimen and succeeded eventually, but growing requires suitable soil and environment for good quality wood.

Therefore, he came to Gopeng with 200 seedlings in 1992 where he met David Ho Kwan Meng, the founder and chairman of Gaharu Tea Valley and from then, the chance project took shape.

The plantation has been built with a surrounding wall replicating a mini Great Wall of China not just for aesthetic reasons but to prevent thieves as the wood is extremely pricey.

Agarwood is mostly used for making incense and its oil can also be used to protect highly valuable metal artifacts. At the plantation, one of the products from Agarwood is a special tea drink that is claimed to possess a cancer inhibiting effect. However, David claims this is only effective if the Agarwood used is good quality and treated organically without waxing.

At the Gaharu Tea Valley, one interesting attraction is a viewing arena where visitors are offered an amazing sweeping view of the valley. There is also a small lake at the plantation were one can relax in a scenic and tranquil environment.






Gaharu Hugging Park is another interesting point where visitors can view animals painting on the trees. Visitors are encouraged to hug a tree here for photo memories.  Lover’s Park is the final stop for the tour here where two huge trees are entwined like lovers.

Domestic retail of products from the plantation is done at the HOGA Mart at the plantation, via their online shop at as well as also sold at various local outlets. HOGA products are also sold overseas through established retail partners in Dubai, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia and Canada. At the Gaharu Tea Valley, visitors can also try HOGA ice-cream and HOGA tea-eggs.

Gaharu Tea Valley is located at Pintu Padang village in Gopeng, Perak. Its open daily from 9am to 6 pm and visitors can call (605)3511 999/ 3575 999 for further details.