Ipoh has recently gained better recognition as an international tourist destination, thanks to its hawkers food which gave it a sixth place Asia rating by Lonely Planet.

And while street food is king in this city, an exciting list of new and trendy cafes has started to gain a good following among those feeling hip and trendy.

Pioneering the idea here in Ipoh is a café at the heart of old town district called Burps and Giggles which is located in an old building and retains all the old and rustic features.

Upon entering, one is greeted with furniture and décor from yesteryears such as classic shelves and rattan chair.
Rows of old luggage bags and storage that still use the scrolling lock system, empty cookie jars from the 70s and the old timers ledgers as well lucky draw books are among its charming décor.

Yet, amidst the old and vintage design is a café that serves a variety of café food, and delicious western everyday fare such as fish and chips, along with a variety of tea including Chamomile Tea.

One local favourite served here is Chempedak with sago and gelato which is a sumptuous dessert.
Burps and Giggles’ manager, Rachel Tan said that they first started the café in 2012 as a simple business venture with her then fiancé to try out their luck among Ipoh’s café goers.

What started out as a fun investment between the two turned out to be a success when it gained a good following of both local and international customers.

“At first, we were doubtful and scared that it might turn out bad but eventually, it was one of the most hip and trendy thing back in 2012 among youngsters in Ipoh,” she said to Suara Perak.

Rachel added that they collected most of the old décor from around Malaysia and some from other countries.
She said, most wall writings dating back from the 1940s were maintained but both the ceiling and wall had to be reinforced to ensure safety.

“If you were to ask me what is Burps and Giggles, I would describe it in three words- rustic, historical and food. This café used to be partly a barber, dentist and a stationary shop,” she added.

Rachel acknowledges that many others had taken her idea in opening similar cafes but wishes them the best with the advice of being passionate and responsible towards their endeavour.