Ipoh is a well-known local food haven which offers a myriad of Malaysian, Fusion and Western fare such as its famous Chicken Rice, scrumptious Fried Kuey Teow, tantalising Rendang Tok and lately, new to its endless list of culinary fare is the Burger Bakar Cheezy Lava.

Cheezy Lava is not like ordinary burgers as its grilled meat patties are complemented with steamed buns and it is proving to be a hit among locals.

The burger business is owned and run by young entrepreneur, Mohd Khairi Johari, 31, who has been operating his business since May 2015.

He attributes his “Cheezy Lava sauce” for the success of his tasty burger but the catch is there isn’t any cheese in the recipe of this tangy and spicy sauce.

“I am an electrical technician and was sent several times to California for job stints and it was there where I met a fellow Malaysian who taught me the sauce recipe,” he said.

He added it was that the same friend who had also encouraged him to open a burger stall and to introduce the sauce for the business.

Khairi hails from Kampung Koh in Sitiawan where he has many entrepreneur friends who gave him good advice and guidance in running a business.

Today he runs several stalls and earns about RM650 a week from each of his stall located at Pengkalan Pegoh, Jelapang and Seri Iskandar.

All his burger stalls have a steady following of regular customers who are lured nightly to his list of additive burgers such as the Normal Triple, Queen Quadro and King Double.

One of his regular customer is Muhammad Hafidzee Harith Wekchit, 27,  says he really loves the sauce.

“The aftertaste of the sauce lingers and it’s simply irresistible,” he said and added that he buys a Queen Cheese burger every other night.

Those wishing to try these tasty treats may find Khairi’s burger stalls in Jelapang (nearby Jalan Tokong, Jelapang beside a carwash), Pengkalan Pegoh (opposite An-Nur Ria Bestari Kindergarten) and Seri Iskandar (SIBC compound close to Mubarak Hj Midin Restaurant).

You can also call Khairi at 017-582-4430 for a minimum 15 burger order from 6.30 pm-11.30 pm.