‘SELAMAT DATANG…’ is how you will be greeted as you step into Perak, the second largest state in Peninsular and the land of grace. ‘Selamat Datang’, traditionally means welcome; definitely something to be certain of when you visit this charm.

Perak edges between Kedah and Thai Yala Province to the north. Specially, the state’s administrative capital of Ipoh is one of the gems in the crown of the British Empire with the lushest alluvial deposits of tin in the World till the value of the metal declined.

However, the royal capital residues at Kuala Kangsar where the palace of the Sultan of Perak is situated.

Because Perak has so much to offer with devised heritage even within 3 days, it has becoming a well-known landmark and one of the top ten picks for tourists. Let us walk you through the itinerary for you to find out why.


Make a short detour on the way to Ipoh by stopping over in the capital of Perak and expect to see lavish and spectacular residences in this prestige Malay town! This journey promises you to have a glimpse of the Malay royal charms.

Did you know?

The Perak Sultan has been residing since the 18th century in Kuala Kangsar, one of four towns that plays a role in Perak’s complex succession system.  Although, the growth of the tin mining towns of Ipoh and Taiping had obscured Kuala Kangsar in the 1890s, it still however remains as beautiful to this day as one of the most remarkable Malay royal capitals.


Photo courtesy of Ashleey Leong: The Royal Palace, Kuala Kangsar


Photo courtesy of Ashleey Leong: Perak Royal Museum (Old Palace), Kuala Kangsar


The town has been known as the site of the first rubber tree planted in Malaysia. Amazingly, it still blooms today.

Photo courtesy of Ashleey Leong


Wall Art Murals

One of these 4 artworks were no secret in Ipoh but you will surely feel content by stacking up your little photo carousel with all the latest collection from ‘the art of old town’ in it by Ernest Zacharevic.


Wall Art Murals, Source: Flickr


The Mysteries of The Hakka Miners’ Club: Han Chin Pet Soo

Photo courtesy of Ashleey Leong: Han Chin Pet Soo, The Mysteries of The Hakka Miners’ Club

Meet the gamblers and their dancing girls, visit the opium den and experience a Kinta Valley tin mine in the Han Chin Tin Miners’ Club. Time to get a one-off chance to step back! Heritage enthusiasts can either book a short tour or an extensive historical exploration of different lengths and difficulties. The Story of Han Chin Villa started on 5th May 1893 when mining Towkay Leong Fee formed the Han Chin Tin Miners’ Club in a double-storey shop house where the villa stands today.

Railway Station


Photo courtesy of Ashleey Leong: Railway Station

Board the train and fashion your own little heritage walk around the historic edifices. About a 4-5 block of building distance, you will disclose a jumble of amazing whitewash buildings in this quaint and majestic atmosphere.


Antong Coffee Mill

Imagine waking up to the aroma of freshly roasted and brewed coffee in a roaring real-wood fireplace for a perk-me-up. Coffee lovers could never want to miss this on being a part of the coffee making in the oldest coffee mill in Malaysia! Let check out how your daily caffeine fix has always been a silent killer of success…


Photo Courtesy of Ashleey Leong


The best spot for fresh seafood or a day-tour for the sight of charcoal-making, mangroves forest and some other outdoor activities as you scroll. Expect to know more about a thriving fishing village and how humane the community of Kuala Sangga is, the Chinese fishing society that specializes in fish breeding.




Photo Courtesy of Ashleey Leong

Photo Courtesy of Ashleey Leong

Photo Courtesy of Ashleey Leong

Charcoal Factory

The only thing you need to make your next cookout more scrumptious! Try roasting a sweet potato with charcoals and it can be so much enticing. Yumsss..! But, ever wondered how charcoal is traditionally made?

Here are some ideas of behind-the-scenes at the charcoal factory with traditional charcoal kilns:



Photo Courtesy of Ashleey Leong

It is a long-standing mill and is detached from the tech-driven world, instead it encompasses tones of charcoal kilns – beehive-shaped clay structures. Each kiln practices as an oven to smoke the greenwood till all the vapor is drawn out.  The entire process takes up to weeks as the workers will need to rectify if the wood is “dried” enough through a small notch on the sides of the kiln.

Since the factory uses greenwood (kayu bakau minyak) that has been harvested from the mangrove forest reserve here, it is as expected situated next to the steams.

Mangroves Forest

Time for some greenery! Make yourself over with some insect repellent and path your way along the world’s best managed sustainable mangrove ecosystem in the World.

Mangroves Forest

You will be tempted by these outdoor activities in Kuala Sepetang that you can just lay back and admire at its best:

Eagle feeding



Pink Dolphins


Firefly cruise

So much humane in this gem and what you expect is – nothing more precious than a child’s smile. You will definitely be amazed by this small little quaint where it brings you back to the traditional Chinese atmosphere and everyone is satisfied without opulent elements. While, you will also come to realization that why the villagers are contented of what they have. Because, life is simple pleasures.


Photo Courtesy of Ashleey Leong


Photo Courtesy of Ashleey Leong


Photo Courtesy of Ashleey Leong



Should we limit our use of gadgets, detach from the tech-driven world and retrieve our mental peace? Perak is indeed the best spot for a soothing retreat in line with a land of breathtaking landscapes and jaw-dropping scenery that will leave you in awe. So, be prepared to be in for an incredible experience!