By: Nazialita Geynna Maharan

IPOH: While Ipoh is full of great bakery and western cuisine, the sea of cafes in the bustling and ever growing tourism spot of Ipoh can be hard to navigate.

Luckily, here to help is Suara Perak’s freshly updated review on the Ipoh’s richest cakes, delectable homemade western cuisine or really, just a cup of good drip coffee.

Freshly opened late 2016, New Yorker café is perennially packed, and with good reasons: This café has a soothing yet relaxed vibe with excellent coffee, finger licking dishes and most importantly- warm and encouraging staffs.

This café didn’t just raise the level of bakery in the city, it has even become one of the first of what had previously been a rarity; a destination bakery and western dining shop which family and friends visited solely for their signature Triple Choc cake.


New York Cafe WM 7

Forget your usual overpriced prim pastries on offer at standard French-style patisseries wannabe all around Ipoh and imagine instead a three layer full of plump, milky, rich and aromatic cocoa accompanied with baked cheese layer and their velvety, deeply satisfying chocolate mousse, their Triple Choc cake is a delight to your taste buds.

“ The secret to this Triple Choc is the carefully chosen chocolate paste, first layer is chocolate mousse, middle layer is baked cheese cake and bottom layer is my classic signature chocolate brownies all combined into that rich sensation that kept the customers coming for me,” Kane said.

Next, is their very own Squid Ink Pasta, which was the craze of the cafe regulars, known for its jet-black pasta and frankly, the combination is a new thing since I have grown custom to the seafood pasta aglio-olio in several of my visits to other cafes.

New York Cafe WM 3

Kane Loo, the person behind all these eatery is an experienced chef who has been involving in food experimenting for 11 years all around Singapore, Malaysia, France and Italy.

On top of the pasta, was pieces of fresh and huge squid rings, mashed with the savoury sweet-sour taste of cherry tomatoes, a hint of basil pesto herbs and sprinkled by Parmesan cheese, I have to stop myself from swiping the entire plate clean.

One main course is clearly not enough as I was served with a plate of Chicken Burger, and what made is special was the homemade, marinated and grounded patty that was topped with half-cooked egg, cheese, mix green salad and potato fries as the side dish.


New York Cafe WM 6

As Kane was explaining how he loves to ensure the authenticity of his masterpiece, I cannot help but notice how juicy, well-marinated the patty was as I am enjoying every bite of the classic American eatery here in Ipoh.

Just when I think my taste buds will be exploded with endless delicious and spectacular taste in this café, Kane brought out my favorite meal in a super stylish and colorful plating- the Smoked Duck Salad.


New York Cafe WM

“ First, we pan sear the duck breast skin until it is crispy, that explains why the meat is so juicy and filled with aromatic hints- pair with sweet, tangy balsamic dressing and slightly spicy hints to make this completely original homemade salad,”Kane explained.

Oh, did I mention I am not a fan of duck meat? Well this course has changed my meal option from now on.

Located within the newly developed and rising Manhattan district in Pasir Puteh, you can easily Waze your navigation to the New Yorker Cafe, serving all halal food in Jalan Pasir Puteh.

New Yorker Cafe @ Manhattan Business Center

Operation Hours :
Sunday – Thursday  —> 7am til 11pm
Friday – Saturday    —> 7am til 12midnight
Public Holiday Eve —> 7am til 12midnight

P/S: Don’t forget to order their Passion Fruit Tea as it is so invigorating and highly recommended for tea lovers out there!

These delights and more are available in Ipoh. Have we omitted your favorite new neighborhood pastry and cafes ? Let us know in the comments.