As time moves forward and society advances in every way, so do the tastes and desires of people all over the world, including among Malaysians of course.

From simple day’s pleasure of frozen flavoured drinks posing as ice cream, the taste has advanced and now it is gelato that seems to be capturing the tastebuds of a greater number of ice cream fans.

After decades of popularity in southern Europe, this rich soft exquisitely fine variety of ice cream has finally found its way to Ipoh.

Now at Hello Elvis, gelato fans in Ipoh or those who hope to try this tasty treat will be able to do so.

Zarith Linda Ahmad Damanhuri,31, the owner of the cool ice cream parlour said she first started the business because it reminded her of her childhood.

“I can still remember every tiny brain freeze I had from biting the ice cream my dad used to bring us when we were young,” she said adding that as she time passed, her taste for the softer and richer ice cream grew.

Together with her elder sister, Norasyikin, Linda was determined to invest all that she had saved as a full time architect and they decided to choose Ipoh to start their business as the place sparks her childhood ice cream eating memories with her siblings.

She also revealed that Hello Elvis is a tribute to their dad. The outlet boasts a variety of ice cream and among them are Little Red Riding Hood which is rich and milky with a dash of salted caramel, vanilla ice cream and soft, velvet cakes.

Currios Churros are glazed with brown sugar and homemade baked with cinnamon essence. Added with a rich flavour of original French chocolate ice cream and chocolate chips, it is subtle, but rich.

Hazelnut and Butterscotch is a more robust, nutty dessert with a good helping of ground hazelnuts.

Whatever the choice, it will be a satisfying treat to all ice cream fans in Ipoh at Hello Elvis