A decision to quit higher education to pursue a passion for arts and creative design proved to be the right move for an industrious young man who currently runs a three dimensional trick art and animation house in Ipoh.

Seven years ago, Andrew Chew, 27, was excited to complete his diploma in Interior Design but changed his mind as he felt studying was not his cup of tea.

Instead, he would embark on his dream of creating a “house of fantasy” and animation so that others can experience his wild and unlimited imagination.

“I was chided by my friends, and all of them thought I had gone crazy when I decided to quit because I had merely months before getting my certificate in Interior Design.

“But then I had made up my mind and I knew where I wanted to be and what I was going to do,” said Andrew who now owns a 3D trick-art museum named Funtasy House Trick Art, located at No 16 of Jalan Pasar in Ipoh.

When he was 21 years old, Andrew worked as an office boy at Penang 3D Museum where he learned the art of creating animation from scratch.

After five years, Andrew with the help of his two friends, Teoh, a contractor and Willie, a graphic designer, took on this little known journey of creating the art and animation house which turned out to be the right move as it became an instant hit among the youths of Ipoh.

Andrew who hails from Penang said he had always been passionate about anime, manga and creative arts, and wants to share it with everyone, as well as empower youngsters to never give up on pursuing their dreams.

“I had a hard time learning how to open up a business and some sentimental memories when my former business, an action figurine shop close due lack of experience,” he said.

Whilst acknowledging the importance of education for youth, he also thinks it’s important to venture and face challenges or to be not afraid to fall in pursuing what they love most.

Being the eldest among three siblings, Andrew attributes his success to his parents who never ceased to support morally or financially throughout all his trials and tribulation.

“I had my moments where I was giving up on my dream but when I looked at my dad who couldn’t care less about what others had been saying about his son, and my mom who was always there to comfort me, my passion to succeed prevailed and I really wanted to repay their love for me, “he said with a smile on his face.

Still a bachelor, Andrew said he is planning to create his own line and brand of action figurine and will open up more branches of fantasy houses in Perak soon.

Andrew said, he chose all the drawings based on his childhood imagination which brings us back to memory lane to the 1940s Chinese family dining room, surreal sadism and torture chamber, a magical fairy tale drawings and colourful and lively circus shots.

On entering the house, one will be greeted by the warm and welcoming house staffs that will bring you around and show you to pose in the right angle for the perfect 3D illusion photos.

This is indeed the right place for those who must have their five photos or more a day for social media as well as budding graphic artists or those wanting to hone their skills along this line.