By: Lita Geynna

THERE is definitely no place like home.

Many fancy the thrills of staying in a hotel, but a few sentimentalists often encounter situation where they felt like a stranger in a new area.

Fortunately, there is Pause Ipoh and this newly opened holiday home rental is here to help.

With the objective to provide comfort, affordability and sense of belonging, this new talk of the town homestay is Suara Perak’s choice of travel must this time around.

In Pause Ipoh, one can surely feel that home is not the only place you are welcomed like a family member, sharing home-cooked meals while spending times to walk around the historical lanes, feeling the warmth of the former mining town of Ipoh.

Have you ever witnessed the vintage and authentic structure of Ipoh’s houses half a century ago?

If you haven’t, then Pause Ipoh is your perfect option. Worry not about the old structure because nearly 70 per cent of the house had been improvised and renovated to ensure the comfort and safety for its visitors.

Love at First Tile

Jason Low, 36, confessed that the green and classic ceramic tiles flooring has made quite an impression on him when he first entered the 47 year old house.

He said his girlfriend, Cheryl Chan and he first bought the house in October 2016, hoping to make it into their home one fine day but they ended up with a greater idea.

The travelling duo admitted that they love to venture into new places but always opt to check in a homestay where cultural anecdotes were exchanged and real essences of the community can be learned thoroughly.

“We love to simply travel around the world and admire others’ culture. Well, being an arts lover and Cheryl’s a photographer; it is only natural for us to capture the mesmerizing and colourful homestay in our mind.

“So, in March this year, we decided to repay what we have experienced, by presenting the real Ipoh through this homestay,” he added.

On June 1st, the couple opened their doors to visitors and it has been a hit all over the Internet ever since.

pause-Ipoh 3

From Old to Gold

Jason said he doubted whether he can turn the ancient, dusty and greasy house that he just bought into a homestay since it’s a macabre at the first glance.

“It was quite depressing. The toilet entrance was merely a narrow 3.6 square feet. Even the window was built at the eye level, making it a bit embarrassing to do your “business”.

“We then flattened, combined and retiled the floor and elevated the window to ensure better lighting but at the same time, keeping privacy in mind,” he said.

The house has since gone viral all over Facebook and Instagram due to its chic, modern layout, making quite a showroom for IKEA furniture all over.

“We have never intended to make IKEA as major part of our interior design but we loved how simple and practical they look in this house. Most of the visitors said it’s really different than the typical setting yet still preserving the vintage touch of Ipoh,” he said.

In the hands of Jason and Cheryl, the house turned into one elegant, cosy and warm homestay that became the top pick of visitors who loves the idea of living among Ipoh locals.

Jason said, rewiring and repainting the whole house with white ambiance are among the work they did besides a huge blackboard for guests to jot down some memories and may scribble down their creative drawings.

“We replaced the doors for all the three rooms and knocked down the concrete shelf above the window to allow more natural lighting to the room.

“Besides replacing the old, rusty window with slides windows to give more privacy, we have also made it bigger for better view,” he said.

According to Jason, Cheryl loves natural and serene setting hence the focus of renovating or rejuvenating the house revolved mainly around better lighting and peaceful surrounding.

“We practically elevated, levelled, flattened most of the home’s ceiling and windows so every morning, you will be able to hear the soothing sound of chirping birds, and surreal water flowing.

“Besides that, one have to love the feeling of sipping a good cup of coffee amidst the glowing sunset dawning on your escapade here in Ipoh,” he added.

Jason said they have received numerous requests from student’s groups, foreign visitors, families and friends who found their serene homestay the best option to venture Ipoh in a classic, yet practical accommodation.

Facilities, Booking and Enquiries


1. Air conditioned rooms (three rooms)

2. Unlimited channel browsing with 5Ghz WiFi and ChromeCast technology

3. Bath and Hand Towels

4. Hair Dryer

5. Induction Cooker

6. Microwave Oven

7. Fridge

8. Electric Kettle

9. Cutlery Sets

10. Shampoo, Shower Gel and Hair Conditioner

What’s Nearby?

1. – 3 min to Econsave Supermarket

2. 3 min walk to Ming Yue Confectionery Kaya Toast

3. 3 min to Tuck Kee Restaurant (Smoked Duck)

4. 5 min to Choong Kee Yong Tau Fu

5. 6 min drive to Tow Boh Keong Temple

6. 10 min to Lou Wong Tauge Chicken

7. 10 min to Ipoh Parade

8. 11 min to Tong Sui Kai

9. 10 min drive to Ipoh Railway Station

10. 10 min drive to Ipoh’s Night Market

How Much Does it Cost?

Daily Rental

*Weekdays (Sun-Thur):
a. 1 room: RM140 per night

b. 2 rooms: RM170 per night

c. 3 rooms: RM200 per night

Weekend (Fri – Sat) & Public Holiday: Whole house (3 rooms) RM300
* for 1-room & 2-room bookings, the entire home will made only available to your booking.

Pause Ipoh is located at 11, Jalan Leong Kim Seng, Taman Kampar, Ipoh, Perak and reachable via their fan site at which is highly responsive to messages and enquiries.

Or you can always call Jason and Cheryl at 016-526 1605 for your bookings today!