TALL forest giants reach out to the sky, lending shade and cool to the surroundings

Leaves, rustled by the breeze, and water, rushing down rocks conjure the kind of natural music that many city dwellers often dream for.

Accompanied by the cacophony of cicadas and various loud insects, along with the calls, songs, hoots, screeches and screams of various birds and mammals, intermingled with the strange and almost alien noises of water frogs, the atmosphere here is almost magical.



This is Lata Kekabu, or the Kekabu Waterfall which is almost a hidden gem of a forest recreational park as few people outside the local community in Lenggong district of Perak, and even less tourists, know about it.

Located 90km from Ipoh along the Ipoh to Gerik Expressway, getting here is a pleasant drive through excellent tarred road that cuts through verdant forest and plantation clad hills, whilst mountains and jungle country form the backdrop on both sides.

The air here is soothing and the ambiance serene with huge trees that remind you the forest here is primary. There is a brick track that runs along the flow of the water and it takes you higher and higher till you reach a main fall.




The water falls some 30m down a granite wall into a catchment pool.

The misty spray that ensues engulfs the surrounding, bringing crisp to the sultry tropical jungle heat.The water flows a few hundred metres through the recreational park, allowing visitors the opportunity to refresh in its rejuvenating caress.

The area around the waterfall and brook is complete with basic facilities such as a car park, hanging bridges, rest shades, tiled walking paths, camping area, dormitories, restrooms, and picnic areas.

There were a few teenaged boys swimming in the pool when Suara Perak visited, and the place was rather quiet compared to the bustle of more popular touristic spots.

There was a family picnicking by the stream which was clean and delightful. The surrounding area was also surprisingly clean as there are cleaners from a local village committee, constantly maintaining the park and its surroundings.

Apart from the natural bounty the place has to offer its visitors, there is also an air of mystery to the surroundings of Lata Kekabu, compounded by the shady darkness that comes from the huge trees and layers of vegetation.

The whole place offers a unique feel that is not often experienced in most other forest recreational parks.For those hailing from bigger cities such as Ipoh, a visit to Lata Kekabu is definitely a great way to distress and an almost magical experience.